Autism Treatment in jalandhar

Autism is a complex neuro development condition that affects individual ability to perform regular tasks. Scientists have limited understanding of the cause of ASD. There is no cure for autism, however with help of various therapies an individual can achieve full potential. Early intervention is a key to success. Parents should approach a therapist as soon as they notice the first sign of Autism.

Some of the common signs of autism are speech development issues, trouble in understanding instructions, communication difficulties, lack of eye contact, repeated movements, difficulty in performing day to day tasks and other unusual behaviors. Parents can start noticing these signs as soon as the child is 18 months. Parents should seek help from a therapist as soon as they notice unusual behavior in their child.

Autism affects everyone in different ways, for some children symptoms are very mild while for others there could be severe symptoms. Hence based on symptoms different therapies and treatment plans are recommended for different children. There are various therapies available for children with autism. ABA Therapy which focuses to encourage desired behavior, speech & language therapies to improve communication skills of children and better social interaction, Occupation therapy for better body movements so that children can do day to day tasks without any help.

Your Therapist may make some changes in the diet of your child or recommend your child for nutritionist consultation for overall growth and brain development of the child. In rare cases children also need medical treatment for issues like anxiety etc.

Parents & Teachers play a crucial role in therapy and may contribute to quicker recovery of children. Most of the children report improvement within a few months of the start of therapy and overall success of therapy depends on factors like severity of symptoms, early referral and efforts by parents. Bright Horizon offers best autism treatment in Jalandhar, Call us to enquire @ +91- 9800990088